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StartMark is about to revolutionize the German startup market as we offer the unique opportunity to invest even with small amounts in a portfolio of promising German startup companies. We provide a fair, transparent and secure investment process by using blockchain technology. Accordingly, StartMark is a digital debt security which has been approved by BaFin (the official German Financial Supervisory Authority).

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Ralf Heine, Partner and Managing Director

Ralf Heine has many years of experience in the management of major global corporate groups. As an industrial engineer, he assists and coaches numerous startups, helping them get established and evolve and aiding with financing rounds.

Guido Schnock, Partner

Guido Schnock has many years of experience in management and executive roles in a medium-sized company. His area of focus comprises claims management and process optimisation, among other things.

Bernd Heuer, Partner

Bernd Heuer is an experienced management consultant, managing director and manager. As a graduate in business administration with a concentration in controlling and planning, he is involved as an investor and coach for startups.

Guido Pasternack, Partner

His leading positions in the energy field for an international corporate group have given Dr. Guido Pasternack extensive expertise in strategy, regulation and policy. The main focus of his work is on innovative energy technologies.

Harald Schwardt, Partner

With a degree in insurance business management, Harald Schwardt has already created several companies himself and has been Managing Director and owner of Schwardt Versicherungsmakler GmbH for more than two decades.

Manuel Simon, Partner

Manuel Simon has been an IT specialist for more than eight years and is Managing Director of a medium-sized company. He has already performed numerous developments of apps, websites and cloud systems.

Natalie Ries, Partner

Management consultant Natalie Ries has many years of experience in project management and process optimisation, among other things. The specialist in business information systems has managed many global projects.

Frank Rittmann, Partner

Frank Rittmann is a specialist in marketing and sales. More than 25 years of experience in professional direct sales make Frank Rittmann a reliable sales partner for companies from a variety of sectors.

Frank Schmidt, Partner & Managing Director

An avid technology enthusiast, Frank Schmidt is a management consultant with experience as a managing director and marketing and purchasing manager. He shares his expertise with companies and startups.

Michael Tysiak, Partner

A successful manager and CFO of large companies, Michael Tysiak established the start-up Biobase GmbH. Since then, he has advised other startup companies on life science and software retail.

A team with passion.

The StartMark team convened in summer 2018 with the mission of establishing the first German Security Token on the market that is oriented around investments in German startups and that meets the requirements of the German tax authorities. Our team consists of experienced managers, business angels and investors. This team not only ensures broad expertise in the assessment of startups and market outlooks; it also assists startups with guidance and resources once an investment is made.

StartMark has a broad and competent team that ranges from financial experts to marketing and IT professionals to management consultants.

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  • Who is the team of StartMark?

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Win with startups.

The startup scene is booming all over the world. Small ideas are being transformed into companies worth millions, and simple technologies are giving rise to completely new sectors. Unfortunately, only a few investors can benefit from these opportunities. And startups have similar difficulties obtaining suitable amounts of venture capital. The consequence: tremendous opportunities are going unused, and many startups are even migrating to other countries.

To date, the startup market has belonged to investment professionals and specialists in venture capital with an eye on generating a quick return on investment. This dynamic excludes small investors.

StartMark is the first German Security Token to offer investors a flexible and transparent solution to invest in innovative German startups with even small amounts of money.

StartMark helps startups.

Every day, creators of startups take decisions that have procedural, legal and tax consequences and can involve considerable risks. Our team helps young companies close gaps in expertise and drives development. We offer support in many areas – from management consulting, interim management, taxes, law and accounting to processes and IT systems. We accompany young companies, from creation to exit.


StartMark permits quick, Internet-based and uncomplicated investment of amounts of EUR 100 or more in innovative German startup companies. The StartMark constitutes a ‘Security Token’ with real countervalue. Through profit distribution and trends in share prices, investors participate in firms’ successes in a highly transparent manner and at significantly lower cost. The basis for this is the leading blockchain technology.


StartMark uses innovative Ethereum blockchain technology as a medium. With blockchain, all movements and transactions can be presented transparently and securely. With the Security Token, the investor does not acquire a virtual currency but a defined share in the StartMark investment portfolio.

The desired tradability of the Security Token offers the Token holder great flexibility, as he or she can sell Security Tokens like a share on a crypto exchange.

Approved by BaFin.

The token is designed to comply with German law and placed on the market in a legal form that corresponds to a bond. The prospectus for StartMark Security Token Offering (STO) has been approved by BaFin (the official German Financial Supervisory Authority). Distributions and profit-sharing are transparently determined in the trade balance sheet for the respective financial year. Every investor holds a share proportional to his or her investment.

In the media

  • Anchor | Making investments in startups possible for everyone with Ralf Heine | 19.10.2019

    Tune in to 'challenging the status quo' podcast if you want to hear world-class entrepreneurs and their inspiring stories where obstacles and how they coop with them are the main focus. Everything revolves around what they do in their lives to challenge the status quo and overthrow it — intriguing stories about failure and success and how they got where they are right now.

  • Medium | The Second Security Token Offering (STO) “Made in Germany” | 30.08.2019

    StartMark is the second Security Token Offering (STO) “Made in Germany” approved by the BaFin (The German Financial Regulatory Authority). With ICOs disappearing and IEOs slowing down and also fading, the next variant of alternative financing for a businesses is just around the corner, the STOs.

  • STO updates | German Financial Authority Approves Country’s 2nd Security Token Offering “StartMark” | 23.07.2019

    Germany’s security regulator the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has approved the prospectus of StartMark in order to allow them pursue a security token offering (STO). The approval was received on July 15. Founded in Düsseldorf in 2018, the StartMark offers investors the opportunity to invest in early-stage firms beginning at just €100 using tokens.

  • The Tokenist | Germany’s Securities Regulator Approves StartMark’s €50 Million Security Token Offering (STO) | 23.07.2019

    On July 22nd 2019, StartMark announced the approval of the second STO to ever be granted by Germany’s securities regulator, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The STO aims to raise up to €50 million and will utilize the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Crowdfund Insider | Germany: BaFin Approves Next Security Token Offering as StartMark Seeks €50 Million | 22.07.2019

    Germany’s security regulator the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has approved the prospectus of StartMark to pursue a security token offering (STO). The approval was received on July 15. This will be the 2nd STO receiving the blessing of BaFin as Bitbond recently became the first company to issue blockchain-based securities with the explicit approval of BaFin.

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